BoundlessLMU is a student-run program at Loyola Marymount University that provides paid fellowships, programming, and career development services to meet the needs of  undocumented, DACAmented, TPS, etc. students.

Purpose/ Why?

For many students, being undocumented or DACAmented raises many barriers when searching for professional experiences. Students of this documentation status feel as though internships are not available to them or that the process is too complex to navigate. Furthermore, many students of this population usually do not find themselves in an economic position to accept unpaid internships. These issues lead to an unfair disadvantage where crucial experience is omitted from these students’ education and vital networking resources are missed out on.

In order to tackle these disparities, BoundlessLMU aims to provide these valuable members of our community with guidance through the fellowship search/application process whilst also funding the students’ pay when a fellowship is acquired. As part of the LMU community, these students enrich the campus, contribute to the community, and are filled with potential.