BoundlessLMU is a student-run program at Loyola Marymount University that helps undocumented, DACAmented, TPS, etc. students find internships and receive payment for their work during their internships.

Purpose/ Why?

For many students across the nation, being mixed-status raises many barriers when searching for an internship. Due to documentation status, students of this population may feel as though internships aren’t available to them or that the process may be too complex to navigate. Furthermore, many mixed-status students usually don’t find themselves in an economic position to accept unpaid internships. These issues then lead to an unfair disadvantage where crucial experience is omitted from mixed-status students’ education and vital networking resources are missed out on.

In order to tackle these disparities, BoundlessLMU aims to provide these valuable members of our community with guidance through the internship search/application process whilst also funding the students’ pay when an internship is acquired. It is the program’s mission to lessen barriers that could discourage these students from applying to internships, streamline the search/application process, and provide a network that allows scholars to find opportunities that will aid them during job searches. As a part of the LMU community, these students enrich the campus, contribute to the community, and are filled with potential.

The program strives to create a safe community where student involvement helps dictate direction and where documentation status doesn’t pose a hindrance to students’ educational journey. In all, it is BoundlessLMU’s purpose is to aid LMU’s mixed-status students find internships and allow them to focus on their education instead of logistical or economic worries.