Frequently Asked Questions

What does BoundlessLMU do?

BoundlessLMU is a program at Loyola Marymount University that helps undocumented, DACAmented, TPS, etc. students find fellowships and receive a stipend from BoundlessLMU as compensation for their work during their fellowship.

Who can apply to receive aid from BoundlessLMU?

We work with undocumented, DACAmented, and TPS students. If you do not fit under any of those categories but your situation is similar, we encourage you to contact us at All information is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

How much money does BoundlessLMU provide through stipends?

We provide each student with a stipend of $2,000 upon completing their internship. Method of payment can be arranged by contacting us.

Can BoundlessLMU help me find a fellowship for my specific major/field of interest?

BoundlessLMU is dedicated to helping students find fellowships in their field of choice. We will either contact our partnered organizations or branch out to help find a fellowship that best fills the needs of the students we support.

What if I already have a fellowship but it doesn't pay?

If you already have a fellowship, BoundlessLMU can help by providing a stipend for your work (if your fellowship is unpaid). Furthermore, BoundlessLMU provides participating students with helpful workshops that prepare students to enter the workforce.

How many students does BoundlessLMU help every year?

The number of students we assist varies on the money the organization has. As of our inaugural school year, we are looking to assist five students during Fall 2021 and five students during Spring 2022.